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Elevating the Collection Construction Photo Gallery

Latest Update: February 21, 2017

The Shore Line Trolley Museum's priceless and irreplaceable collection of antique trolley cars will soon be safe from future coastal floods such as Irene (pictured above) and Sandy.

Thanks to nearly $2.0 million funding raised in the Elevating the Collection campaign plus hundreds of thousands more worth of in-kind donations, this project is now protecting dozens of cars, and the finish line is in sight!

Your continued support will make completion of this project possible. Donate online today!.

Be sure to check this page for construction updates and photos!

Driving the Golden Spike!

Nov 12, 2016: Governor Malloy was our guest at the 2016 Annual Meeting. In a morning ceremony, he drove a symbolic golden spike. With a crowd of museum members and supporters looking on, and with a few perfect hits of the spike maul, the Governor set down the spike on the 84/85 track lead. Situated around him were cars 865 and 316, both of which have recently been repaired after hurricane flood damage.

18 Line Poles Set

Nov-Dec 2016:

Line pole setting by a professional contractor continued through November and into December. 18 of the 24 total poles have now been set. With colder weather coming in, this will probably be it for line work until the spring.

Above: setting pole E-5 on the north side of the approach ramp to building 8. Below, view from track 81 with a succession of line poles leading back to the mainline. Soon span wires and trolley wire will be suspended from these.

Looking the other way. The area in the foreground will become the Donor's Recognition Brick Area as soon as the loop track through here is completed. That track will curve off to the right, passing between the pair of poles.

Pit structural work complete

December 2016: Our welding contractor has completed the structure which will support the pit track. The next phase will be to install the rails and then track 94 can be opened.
Below: Using crane car W-3 to set one of the span beam sections:

The level in both directions is checked prior to welding down the beams.

Welding the web stiffeners at each point of column support reaction.

Almost all of the structure is welded, but one section is bolted so that it can be removed to access equipment on cars that might straddle the line of the rail (such as air compressors and grid banks).

Completed pit structure:

Rails on the pit

Feb 2017: Winter weather has slowed work, but rails are now being placed on the pit structure.

Above the track gauge and rail gauge puller/spreader are being used to place the rails at the correct 56½" gauge. The rails are secured with pairs of clips:

View from inside the pit looking toward the back of building 9:


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