Chicago North Shore & Milwaukee 160

Illinois Railway Museum

Built in:1915 by J.G. Brill Company (ord#19605)
Type of car:interurban (standard coach)
Current Owner:Illinois Railway Museum(Union, Illinois)

Car History by Frank Hicks

Chicago North Shore & Milwaukee 160
This early steel interurban car was part of the North Shore Line's original order for steel coaches. Built by Brill, it is one of three surviving cars from its order and the only one of the three in operating condition. It operated on the North Shore from 1915 until 1963, undergoing only minor modifications during that period. After retirement it was acquired by IRM and was moved to Union a year later, in 1964. The car was made operation around 1970, and - with only a few interruptions - car 160 has operated regularly at IRM ever since then. It is the oldest CNS&M passenger car at IRM and the second oldest preserved.

Ownership History:Chicago & Milwaukee Electric #160 1915-1917 / Chicago North Shore & Milwaukee #160 1917-1963 / Illinois Railway Museum(Union, Illinois) 1963-present

Facts and Figures

Status:operated occasionallyGauge:4'8.5"
Construction:steelRoof type:AREnded:DE
#Seats:58#Wheels/Conf.:8 (B-B)Total HP:560
Trucks:Brill 27MCB3XBrakes:AMU (M23)Compressor:CP-28
Motors:WH 557A5 (4)Voltage (if not 600DC)