Central California Traction 7

Dave's Electric Railroads

Built in:1929 by J.G. Brill Company (ord#22813)
Type of car:box motor (freight motor)
Current Owner:Western Railway Museum(Rio Vista, California)

Car History by Frank Hicks

Central California Traction
The only surviving piece of electric equipment from CCT is this freight motor. Built for the WB&A interurban line, it was built to replace an earlier freight motor with the same number that had burned up, and this car reused the electric equipment from the original WB&A 1. During its time on the WB&A, it was lettered for Southeastern Express Company. The WB&A was abandoned in 1935 and in 1936 the freight motor was sold to CCT, which rebuilt it electrically for use as a locomotive. After World War II, when the California Railroad Commission instituted a requirement that third rail lines like CCT fence their rights-of-way, CCT decided to de-electrify. CCT 7 was retained an extra year in Sacramento, where the franchise required electrics, until retirement in September 1948. It was then moved to a scrapyard where it sat, completely intact, for 19 years before being acquired by WRM. The car was restored and repainted to its 1947 appearance in 1992 and is used periodically to haul interurban trailers at WRM.

Ownership History:Washington Baltimore & Annapolis #1 1929-1936 / Central California Traction #7 1936-1948 / Western Railway Museum(Rio Vista, California) 1967-present

Facts and Figures

Status:operated occasionallyGauge:4'8.5"
Construction:steelRoof type:AREnded:DE
#Seats:n/a#Wheels/Conf.:8 (B-B)Total HP:560
Trucks:Baldwin 90-40BBrakes:SWA (G6)Compressor:CP-22 / D4-E
Motors:GE 207A (4)Voltage (if not 600DC):1200vDC