Boston Elevated Railway 5645

Built in:1924 by Laconia Car Company (ord#904)
Type of car:streetcar (lightweight semi-convertible) (Type 5A)
Current Owner:Connecticut Trolley Museum(East Windsor, Connecticut)

Car History by Jack Naugler

Boston Elevated Railway 5645
The Boston "Type 5" streetcar was originally designed as a light weight car that could operated by a one or two man crew. "Type 5's" operated on BER and successor MTA until 1959. Boston originally had 471 of this type of car, built by four different car builders between 1922 and 1927. Car 5645 was part of the third order for Type 5's, officially designated Type 5A. Cars 5630-5659 were ordered in November 1922 and 5645 went into service in July 1923. Car 5645, one of the last nine Type 5's, was retired when double ended PCC's were bought from Dallas to cover the three lines that had no turning loops. This is a typical "big city" car designed to move large numbers of people quickly, with its wide aisles, ramped floors and double doors. Although this type of car ran with one man crews for many years, they were never equipped with "dead man" controls typical of "safety cars" of this period. In its stead, Massachusetts laws required a passenger-operated Emergency Valve to be located in the passenger area, which performed the same functions (i.e. cutting the power, applying the brakes, and balancing the pressure on the door engines, so the doors could be opened manually). Car 5645 ran on the streets and, after 1950, into the subway. For subway service, the cars had Tomlinson couplers installed, so they could be towed if a breakdown occurred. Like many other cars at CTM, car 5645 was purchased by a member and donated to the museum. The only surviving Laconia-built Type 5, 5645 is currently on static display in CTM's Visitors Center.

Ownership History:Boston Elevated Railway #5645 1924-1947 / Boston Metropolitan Transit Authority #5645 1947-1959 / Connecticut Trolley Museum(East Windsor, Connecticut) 1959-present

Facts and Figures

Status:operated occasionallyGauge:4'8.5"
Construction:steelRoof type:AREnded:DE
#Seats:48#Wheels/Conf.:8 (B-B)Total HP:100
Trucks:Standard C35PBrakes:SM3Compressor:DH-16
Motors:WH 508A (4)Voltage (if not 600DC)