Edmonton Radial Railway 1

Dave's Electric Railroads

Built in:1908 by Ottawa Car Manufacturing Company
Type of car:streetcar (standard)
Current Owner:Edmonton Radial Railway Society(Edmonton, Alberta)

Car History by Frank Hicks

Edmonton Radial Railway 1
The first electric streetcar to operate in the city of Edmonton was this car, built in 1908. It was also the last streetcar to run in Edmonton, closing out street railway service over the High Level Bridge on September 2, 1951. A single-ended streetcar of fairly standard design, ERR 1 was designated for historic preservation by Edmonton's Archives and Landmarks Committee after streetcar service ended and was retained by ETS. It was stored outside at the Cromdale Yard, though, and over time its condition deteriorated. In the early 1960's some restoration work was done but then suspended. Then, in 1979, ERR 1 was finally restored to operation over the High Level Bridge for Edmonton's 75th anniversary and ERRS was formed by the group of volunteers who restored the car. The car operated at the Fort Edmonton Park site in 1981, even before the current street railway facilities were in place, and later - on June 10, 1984 - inaugurated permanent operations at the park. The car was later withdrawn to undergo rebuilding work and it is currently under restoration.

Ownership History:Edmonton Radial Railway #1 1908-1946 / Edmonton Transportation System #1 1946-1951 / 1st preserved by Edmonton Transportation System 1951-1979 / Edmonton Radial Railway Society(Edmonton, Alberta) 1979-present

Facts and Figures

Status:operated occasionallyGauge:4'8.5"
Construction:woodRoof type:DREnded:SE
#Seats#Wheels/Conf.:8 (B-B)Total HP
Trucks:Brill 27GBrakesCompressor
MotorsVoltage (if not 600DC)