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Irene/Sandy Flood Recovery Status

Latest Update: February 29, 2020

Recovering from the damage suffered by the museum's vehicle collection at the hands of storms Irene and Sandy is a multi-year process which is made possible by a pair of disaster assistance grants from FEMA. Each vehicle can take over a year to complete (although the average has been 6-9 months) and over $50,000, of which FEMA pays 75% and the museum pays 25%.

In general, the process is to bring the vehicle into the shop and remove the damaged components. Primarily these are the traction motors, and most cars have either 2 or 4 motors. Air compressors and other major components that were flood-damaged may also be removed. These components are sent out to a qualified electrical motor shop which overhauls them and remediates the flood damage. Upon return, the components are given a run-in test at the museum and then re-installed. Finally, the vehicle itself is given a number of run tests before being released back into service.

In response to frequent inquiries from museum members and the general public, the tables below, which will be updated periodically, give the overall status of the program.

The museum's goal is to completely reverse the effects of these floods. To do so, the support of museum friends is essential. The museum welcomes both general donations, which will be directed to the vehicle or vehicles that most need the funding, or vehicle-specific restricted donations. In the latter case, please understand that the museum may not be able to initiate repair of a particular car until it has sufficient funding secured to make it feasible to undertake the project. A typical car needs $7000-$12000 of funding (our share of the cost after FEMA reimbursement).
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Note: Some of the cars are listed as "temporarily repaired." Their traction motors were washed out and dried with hot air without removal from the car. While these cars are now operating, their long-term reliability is not assured, and they would benefit from motor overhaul. There isn't sufficient space on this page to list all of the technical issues involved with each car. Interested readers are encouraged to contact the museum with any questions. One of the museum members involved with the project will be happy to discuss these with you.
Vehicle NumYear BuiltDescriptionRepair StartedRepair CompletedNotes
Completed Repairs
611893Single-truck closed car, Rhode Island Co.Jul 2016Dec 2018CFGNH
2201892Single-truck closed car, NYC, converted cable carJun 2016Nov 2016CFGNH sponsorship.
3021907Railway Post Office trolley, New Bedford MAMar 2014Apr 2015Motor work sponsored by H. Albert Webb Memorial Grant
3161896Single-truck closed car, Union Railway (Westchester Co.)March 2016Aug 2016Community Foundation for Greater New Haven.
3561926Closed pasenger car, Johnstown PA**Motors replaced with previously overhauled spares
5001904Trolley Parlor Car, ConnecticutDec 2015Jan 2017Sponsored by 500 club members and CFGNH.
6291939"Modern" closed car, Third Avenue Ry. (NYC)Apr 2018Sep 2018Funded by a restricted bequest.
7091923Interurban, Chicago North Shore & MilwaukeeJun 2018Jan 2020Private sponsors
7751904Closed passenger car, ConnecticutOct 2016Aug 2017CFGNH funding
8651905Closed passenger car, ConnecticutJan 2014Dec 2015New axle bearings via grant from W. Russell Rylko Memorial Grant, motor work partially sponsored by Amherst Railway Society
10011936Oldest preserved PCC car, BrooklynJul 2013July 2019partially sponsored by National Railway Historical Society
17061913Single-truck convertible, TorontoOct 2017Nov 2018Private donor
17921899Early double-truck passenger car, BrooklynFeb 2015Nov 2015Compressor repaired in-house
19111919Closed passenger car, ConnecticutFeb 2016Dec 2017Private donor.
20011929Closed passenger car, MontrealJan 2015Aug 2015New pinion gears via 20th Century Elec. Ry. Foundation grant
23501922Single-truck "Birney" style car, ConnecticutJan 2016May 2016Sponsored by Community Foundation for Greater New Haven.
28981923"Peter Witt" style passenger car, TorontoMar 2015Apr 2016
45731906Convertible passenger car, BrooklynMay 2013Aug 2018Sponsor: private donors.
66881955Rapid transit subway car, class R-17, NYCFeb 2013Apr 2013
91371903Derrick crane car, BrooklynMay 2014Apr 2016
S361920Double-truck sweeper, Toronto (ex Eastern Mass, ex Third Ave)May 2016Apri 2018Private donors
Temporarily repaired and now operable (require future permanent repair)
Shunter1913Home-built single-truck switcher, Montreal Tramways
W31929Motorized crane car, Montreal Tramways
5031928Rapid transit subway car, Hudson & Manhattan class J (NY/NJ)
9481926Closed passenger car, Atlanta--Only 2 motors flooded
13491905Brooklyn Elevated rapid transit convertible motor car
15041904Wrecker/emergency car, Rhode Island
16891940Rapid transit subway car, class R-9, NYC
31521925Snow plow, single-ended, Cornwall
54661924Rapid transit subway car, "Lo-V", NYC
Repairs in progress
51910Only preserved trolley rotary snowplow, Montreal TramwaysNov 2018-Amherst Ry. Society Founders Award, motors pulled Nov 2018
91911Montreal & Southern Counties Interurban/SuburbanJan 2020-CFGNH, motors pulled Jan 2020
271949All-elec. PCC, NewarkDec 2015-Motors replaced with purchased spares, pending M-G and control group repairs
341899Single-truck open, Wildwood NJ (ex Lynchburg VA)March 2019-CFGNH, motors back Dec 2019, re-install Jan 2020
1161930High-speed interurban, Cincinatti & Lake Erie (later CRANDIC)Jul 2018-John. H. Emery Rail Trust grant, motors done, control group work underway
1425191115-bench double-truck open, ConnecticutAug 2015-Sponsored in part by Branford Community Foundation, Tom. E. Dailey Foundation, Amherst Railway Society, motors back June 2016, to truck shop Jul 2016
36621907Rapid transit subway car, "Deckroof Hi-V", NYCNov 2018-Private donor. Motors back, Sep 2019
Inoperable, sponsored or specific funding source
81941"Brilliner", Red Arrow lines--
101899Single-truck snowplow, Brooklyn.-- CFGNH
12191750-ton Baldwin-Westinghouse elec. loco., Cornwall, ex Utah&Idaho--Fully funded, private donors
251923Single-truck line car, Ottawa--Partially funded, private donor
841933Brill "Master Unit", Red Arrow lines--
8301908Closed pasenger car, Third Avenue Ry. (NYC)--Fully funded, Private donor
8841909Semi-convertible passenger car, Third Avenue Ry. (NYC)--Fully funded, Private donor
12271903Brooklyn Elevated rapid transit, closed motor car--Private donors
24311913Closed passenger car, New Jersey--Private donor+CFGNH
Inoperable, awaiting funding and repair
Amy18994-wheel early elec switcher loco
3881925Staten Island Rapid Transit
14031914Closed single-ended passenger car, Montreal
19721929Single-ended closed passenger car, Montreal
30001922Double-truck "Birney" style car, Connecticut
50021918Home-built 50-ton switcher, Montreal
97991899single-truck snow plow, Brooklyn
98321915single-truck sweeper, Brooklyn

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