Roster of Preserved North American Electric Railway Cars


Welcome to the online roster of preserved North American Electric Railway cars. Now in its sixth year, this continues to be a work in progress.
Last update: 08-SEP-2014

This roster contains over 2,000 preserved historic electric railway cars which operated on North American electric railways. Each roster entry contains known information about the car's configuration, equipment and ownership history. Brief histories are available for some cars, as well as photos.

The accuracy of this information is only as good as YOU make it! If you spot missing or inaccurate data, please let us know about it so it can be corrected online.

If you would be willing to write brief historical narratives to help improve the educational value of this database, please contact us.

Thank you to the many people who continue to provide updated information and car history narratives.

This online project is a collaboration between Frank Hicks of the Illinois Railway Museum and Jeff Hakner of the Branford Electric Railway Association. The contents of this database are copyright 2000-2014 by Frank Hicks. HTML conversion and query software copyright 2002-2008 by Jeff Hakner.

Did you know that there are over 300 organizations that preserve North American electric railway vehicles? See the complete list here.

The accuracy of this roster is only as good as the sources on which it is based. Please help to improve the roster by mailing any suggestions or corrections to Frank Hicks: Problems with the web interface should be reported to


The roster contains only preserved electric railway equipment with track gauge wider than 3' that was built for service in North America. It does not include steam or diesel engines or non-electric freight or work equipment. See here for more details on the criteria for inclusion and the meanings of the various fields.

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By default, all cars will be displayed. You may limit your search in various ways. First, you can limit based on who currently owns the car. Second, you can look for all cars that were ever owned or operated by a particular organization or railway. Planning a trip? You can find all cars currently located in a given state, province or country. You can also search for specific values in specific fields (e.g. find all cars with DH-16 compressors). You can specifiy multiple limiting criteria. Finally, you can select how the results will be sorted and presented. Use the RESET button at the very bottom of the form to reset everything for a fresh search.

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